YouTube will now Allow Written Text News

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YouTube will now Allow Written Text News. In the event of attacks or significant natural disasters, YouTube will now also publish written news reports.


That news comes from reliable websites such as The New York Times or CNN. With this new feature, YouTube wants to counter the spread of fake news.

This is what YouTube writes on its official blog. “With breaking news, there is a message faster than a video. By leaving these messages with a news video, the viewer gets more context. “

In the event of disasters or attacks, obscure films with, for example, conspiracy theories or fake news pop up, with which makers want to profit from the search volume.

YouTube is also expanding the “Top News” and “Breaking News” sections. These parts appear above the regular search results. It contains videos of news sites with which YouTube cooperates.

Finally, the video service will also show local news in some American cities with priority and from now on it will also show articles from Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica in subjects on which many conspiracy stories exist.

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