YouTube Tells Users How Much Time They Spend In The App

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YouTube tells Users how much Time they Spend in the App. YouTube will tell users of the video service how much time they spend on the app daily.


The new feature tells users how many hours and minutes they have watched YouTube videos that day, a day earlier and in the past week,

 Google makes known in a message on the website.

The option can be seen in the settings of the updated YouTube app for iOS and Android.

YouTube states users want to give more control over the use of the app with the functions.

Google declared similar features in May for the latest version of the Android operating system.

Apple’s latest operating system iOS and many other social media also give users more insight into their daily use.

In the YouTube settings, users can also indicate that they want to be reminded to take a break.

Users can set themselves after how many hours or minutes they want to initiate the notification.

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