Wouter Bos Will Lead New Investment Bank

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Wouter Bos will Lead new Investment Bank. Former PvdA minister Wouter Bos will lead Invest-NL, a new investment bank for innovative projects. The government is investing 2 billion pounds in this new bank.


Invest-NL must become a bank where companies can turn to finance innovative projects that conventional banks often ignore, says Zoom News.

With this bank, the government also expects to attract institutional investors, among other things.

The former PvdA Minister of Finance is now chairman of the VUmc hospital in Amsterdam.

He starts his new job at the end of October. Initially, he does so as an official, because Invest-NL yet not established. The necessary legislation still needs to be done by the House of Representatives.

As soon as the company exists, Bos becomes CEO. That will be at the earliest in the spring of 2019.

In his new job, he will earn 178,709 pounds gross per year, plus an expense allowance and pension participation of 22,000 pounds.

With this Bos deserves more than a ministerial salary, also in the period in which he is a civil servant on paper.

“Given the nature of the work and the temporary nature of the appointment, we consider it justified in this particular case”, writes Minister Wopke Hoekstra of Finance to the House of Representatives.

Hoekstra and his colleagues Eric Wiebes (Economic Affairs) and Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Trade) are pleased with the appointment of Bos.

“He combines management expertise in both the private and public sector with a strong involvement in the social themes that Invest-NL will focus on.”

Mixed feelings
Bos calls his new job a “wonderful new challenge”. He also says that he says goodbye to the VUmc “with mixed feelings”.

The academic hospital says that it regrets his departure, but also “given the meaningful step that he is going to make in his career”.

The Council of Ministers approved Friday the bill for the establishment of Invest-NL. Minister Wiebes now presents it to the Council of State for advice.

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