WikiLeaks Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Released in the US

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American Chelsea Manning, a former US Army analyst, has been released from prison. That’s what a judge in Virginia decided.


“Her testimony is no longer necessary,” the order reads. Manning was in prison for refusing to testify against Julian Assange, founder of the whistleblower site Wikileaks.

The release warrant comes a day after Manning had attempted to commit suicide in prison, according to her lawyers.

Chelsea Manning still refuses to testify in a lawsuit against Assange, but according to the judge, her testimony is no longer necessary, so she is now released. A fine was also imposed outside of prison, even for refusing to testify.

And she still has to pay that fine. It’s about $ 256,000. She has converted about 230,000 euros. The fine was systematically accrued, $ 1,000 a day she didn’t want to testify.

Under US law, a person who refuses to testify can only be detained if the judge is convinced that the sentence will ultimately cause that person to prove.

If it turns out that the prison sentence does nothing, it must be released. Manning has already stated that she would rather starve than have to testify before a people’s jury.

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