WikiLeaks Founder Assange Loses Ecuadorian Citizenship

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has permanently lost his Ecuadorian nationality. An administrative court has confirmed this in the South American country.


Australian Assange is in a British prison as the US demands his extradition for leaking confidential and classified state information via WikiLeaks. The leak would have cost human lives, and Assange risks decades in prison.

Assange was on parole in London in 2012 when he entered the Ecuadorian embassy to seek asylum. The then leftist government of Ecuador took care of the guest in the embassy, but Assange was unable to leave the building.

That is why, in 2017, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, María Fernanda Espinosa, devised a plan to make him Ecuadorian and give him diplomatic status. Unfortunately, that plan failed because London refused to recognize Assange as a diplomat.

The Ecuadorian government already started to reverse the case in 2018, saying that Assange’s naturalization had not gone according to the rules. As a result, he was handed over to the British police in 2019. Assange had formally acquired nationality in the province of Pichincha, where the capital Quito is also located.

The administrative court in Pichincha confirmed on Tuesday that Assange does not have Ecuadorian nationality.

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