Why You Should Carry a Traditional Pocket Knife

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Gone are the days when knives were only limited to your kitchen. Today, it has witnessed countless other purposes that range from trekking to other day-to-day outdoor tasks. With time the technology has surpassed history, and these knives have also improvised with better precision, sharpness, and quality.

So, if you are also an outdoor enthusiast, it’s essential to know the reasons why you must carry a traditional Laguiole knife.

Opening Boxes/ Letters/ Packages:

Packing arriving at your doorstep is standard, but you don’t find a feasible tool to unwrap the tap and open it with anxiety. Laguiole pocket knives have the answer to all such needs. You can use these knives to open all such boxes, letters, and packages instantly.


Camping has today become an outdoor activity, which is a boom nowadays. Post covid-19, the camping activities are getting on track at the same pace. While camping, you always need a sharp knife to help you will different purposes like setting your tent, opening a can, etc. Furthermore, a knife is an essential item in every survival kit which you can’t ignore. Hence owning this Laguiole knife will fulfil your camping needs to the fullest.


Fishing activities are typical for non-fisherman as well. And here, you need a sharp knife to cut the line and remove hooks whenever required. Moreover, it would help if you also had a knife for other purposes associated with fishing. So, you can entirely rely on the knife and commit numerous purposes with a single tool.

First Aid Kit:

Injury can happen anytime as it doesn’t have any dependency. But with a pocket Laguiole knife, you have numerous things to do that can include cutting the bandage, wrapping the tourniquets, etc. In short, your first aid kit has a Laguiole knife as an essential tool. Remember, you shouldn’t bring the knife in contact with the wound that can be dangerous for your health.

Peeling Fruits:

The use of Laguiole knives is every day as cutlery. Your kitchen always has a knife for daily purposes. However, when you are out but still need to peel off the fruits, this Laguiole knife can help you out. This knife has a sharp blade that can peel off your fruits and lets you enjoy it. Apart from peeling, this knife can also be used for other kitchen necessities.

Self Defense & Protection:

Last but not least, self-defence has become necessary in today’s world. You should always stay alert and respond to any harm attempt. In such scenarios, the Laguiole knife will accompany you. This knife can help you in self-defence and protection. This doesn’t mean you will become a Jackie Chan or a Jet Li, but you can protect yourself in bad times.

These are some of the many benefits of carrying the traditional Laguiole knife with you. So, next time you move out of your home, consider all these benefits of owning a conventional Laguiole knife and purchase one that best suits your personal needs.

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