We Just Stormed in – Bolsonaro Supporters Break Through Police Cordon

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Brazil will investigate President Jair Bolsonaro’s course in the corona pandemic. Bolsonaro has repeatedly played down the dangers posed by the virus. Meanwhile, the number of corona deaths in the country is rising to dizzying heights.


Jair Bolsonaro has called on his supporters to protest. The president is hoping for the largest demonstration in the history of Brazil and is even toying openly with the storm on the Capitol as a model. There are outbreaks of violence in the capital, Brasília.

They drove cars and trucks through a cordon: on the eve of Brazilian Independence Day, supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro broke through a police cordon in the capital.

As the Brasília police announced on Monday evening, hundreds of demonstrators came to the closed avenue for security reasons. They led to the Congress and the Supreme Court of the country.

Videos on the Internet showed a small parade of cars driving down the street. Protesters on foot waved flags. “We just stormed in,” one of the protesters shouted in a video. “The police could not hold the people back”. He announced that the protesters also wanted to storm the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The police said they were still there to “restore the situation”. However, CNN Brazil reported that the situation was already under control.

The capital administration has deployed 5,000 police officers to protect public buildings because of the announced demonstrations for Independence Day. Bolsonaro had called his extreme right-wing supporters to mass rallies in Brasília and São Paulo. According to his own statements, he is planning the largest street protest in Brazil that has ever taken place in his favour.

Analysts warned in advance that the planned demonstration on Tuesday could be similar to the January 6 riots at the US Capitol building in the US by supporters of former US President Donald Trump. Bolsonaro apparently wants to show strength after several setbacks.

He also gave the judges of the Supreme Court an “ultimatum”. These have initiated several investigations against him and his environment, among other things, because of the spread of false information.

On Monday, Bolsonaro also issued a decree that makes it difficult for Internet platforms to delete content. Previously, Internet platforms had repeatedly removed statements by Bolsonaro due to the spread of false information about the coronavirus. This had called this procedure “censorship”.

Bolsonaro is under pressure a year before the presidential election due to extremely poor poll numbers and a flagging economy.

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