Vietnam Reports Dead Corona Patient for the First Time

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Vietnam first reported the death of a corona patient. State media reports that the 70-year-old ‘patient 428’ died on Friday. He probably contracted the virus in the city of Danang.


The country with a population of 96 million has received high praise in recent months for how the spread of the virus had been prevented but is now facing an outbreak in tourist Danang.

The authorities announced on Friday that 45 new infections had been detected there, the most substantial increase in the number of corona cases in the country since the start of the pandemic.

The infections can be traced to local hospitals. The infected people are between 27 and 87 years old and are patients, hospital workers or people from their environment.

The authorities are building a 1,000-bed emergency hospital at Danang to relieve pressure on local hospitals.

The government has also shut down air traffic to and from the city. In the capital Hanoi, 21,000 people who have been in Danang are tested. In total, 509 people in the country have so far been diagnosed with the virus.

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