Victoria Beckham Feared For A Marriage Crisis

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Victoria Beckham Feared for a Marriage Crisis. Victoria and David Beckham celebrated in July that they have been married for twenty years.


The fashion designer and former footballer, therefore, went to Italy together, but Victoria did not like it a bit in advance.

“I told David: god, what do we have to say to each other when we are alone,” said Posh Spice in an interview.

Her concerns turned out to be unjustified because even without 20-year-old Brooklyn, 17-year-old Romeo, 14-year-old Cruz and 8-year-old Harper, the British couple had a good time. “We talk and laugh all the time and not even about the children or our work,” the 45-year-old Victoria looked back.

“What a relief: we’re okay, even when they’re all out of the house.” The education of their children takes the Beckhams very seriously. For David, it is especially important that their kids, despite their wealth and famous parents, stay on their feet. “We want our upbringing to resemble the way we were raised ourselves,” he said.

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Their upbringing is very different from mine, and that is one of the reasons why there is always a fear. From the first day that you have a child, you are always worried. It is the most beautiful thing in life to have children in the world. But you must always protect them.

They are very privileged and have a great life, and I want to protect that and protect them from everything that happens outside the family.

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