“Usher Settles With A Woman”

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“Usher Settles with a woman who Claims to have had Herpes from Him.” Laura Helm, the woman who claims to have received herpes from Usher (40), has dropped her charge of the singer.


The two parties have settled, according to court papers.

According to the spokesmen of both Helm and Usher, the two have reached an “amicable settlement”,

 which indicates that no judge has been involved in the settlement.

The amount required was not disclosed.

Helm sued the U Remind Me singer in 2017 for claiming that he would have given her STD herpes after having had unprotected sex.

The woman charged an amount of 10 million dollars, which was later increased to 20 million.

A few months then, Helm dropped the case for unknown causes but resubmitted her complaint in 2018.

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