US Standings: Biden About to Catch Up With Trump in Georgia

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Democratic candidate for president of the United States, Joe Biden, is about to turn his backlog of President Donald Trump in the state of Georgia into a head start, news channel CNN reports.


In the last few hours, Trump’s lead in that southeastern state is shrinking noticeably.

In terms of the rounded percentage of the vote in Georgia, Biden and Trump are now tied at 49.4 percent. Trump’s lead has thus been reduced to just 1902 votes.

Also in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, Trump’s lead is diminishing little by little as many postal votes are counted from the predominantly Democratic metropolitan districts. In Pennsylvania, Trump still has information of about 42,000 votes. There he currently has 49.7 percent of the vote and his Democratic challenger 49 percent.

In the southwestern state of Arizona, which, according to predictions from Fox News and other American media, will go to Biden, the development has actually been reversed.

There, Trump is catching up with Biden, who is still about 46,000 votes (1.6 percent). In Arizona, Biden is currently at 50.1 percent and President Trump at 48.5 percent.

If Arizona’s 11 electors do go to Biden, a victory in Georgia (16 electors) will be enough for the Democrat to reach the critical 270 electoral thresholds and win the presidential election. If Biden eventually wins in Pennsylvania, he won’t need Arizona to beat Donald Trump.

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