US Also Imposes Sanctions on Russian Chip Company

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The United States has imposed additional economic sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. This mainly concerns measures against the most prominent Russian producer of computer chips.


In total, the US Treasury Department announced new sanctions against 21 entities and 13 individuals. “We will hit Putin’s war machine with sanctions from all angles until this senseless war is over,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said.

One of the companies targeted by the new load of sanctions is Mikron. The group is the largest producer and exporter of semiconductors in Russia. The chips are used, among other things, in payment cards of the Russian payment system Mir.

After the US credit card companies Mastercard and Visa announced in early March that they would suspend their activities in Russia, Russians sought refuge in Mir in droves.

The latest US sanctions also target several other companies in the technology industry, which the ministry says is dependent on the West. These include electronics manufacturer NII-Vektor, supercomputer company T-Platforms and chip maker MERI.

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