United States Now Also Going to Tackle Gazprombank

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The United States is now also going to tackle Russia’s Gazprombank with new sanctions. That bank is essential for the payments of the Russian gas supply to Europe and was therefore previously kept out of harm’s way.


But now, the Americans want to go a step further and have decided to sanction certain bank directors.

“This is not a complete block. We are not freezing Gazprombank’s assets or prohibiting transactions with Gazprombank,” the Washington administration said. But according to the Americans, Gazprombank is “not a safe haven”. That is why some top managers have been put on the sanction list. Other people from the Russian business community have also been added to that list.

The announcement is part of a series of new measures. For example, the US has also announced sanctions against three Russian television stations. In addition, Americans are now prohibited from providing accounting and advisory services to Russians.

The White House also said the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would suspend licenses to export special nuclear materials to Russia. With the measures, Washington wants to increase pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin to get him to stop the war in Ukraine.

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