UK wants to Tighten Anti-Terror Measures after Knife Attack in London

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday that he wants to introduce stricter rules that make it harder for conditionally released convicted terrorists to be released.


The decision comes after a newly released temporarily released terrorist stabbed two people in London on Sunday. In the meantime, more details are becoming known about the perpetrator.

The British police identified the perpetrator of Sunday’s stabbing as Sudesh Amman, a radicalised Muslim who was sentenced to a three-year prison sentence in 2018 for owning and spreading terrorist propaganda.

Barely three days after his conditional release, he stabbed two people in a busy London street with a 25 centimetre stolen knife. The victims were wounded but survived the attack, Amman was shot on the spot by armed agents shading him.

He also turned out to be wearing a fake bomb jacket. A third person was injured by glass fragments flying around, coming from windows that were killed by the police bullets.

Amman was known to the authorities as a follower of the Islamic State terrorist organization. He also shared online propaganda material from Al-Qaeda and encouraged his girlfriend to behead her parents.

Johnson now announces that his government “wants to fundamentally change the approach to convicted terrorists.”

Priti Patel, his Interior Minister, clarified on Monday that, among other things, legislation is envisaged to make the early release of terrorists impossible. “It is only natural that individuals like this are kept behind bars,” Patel said.

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