UK Receives Six Million Applications for Residence Status for EU Citizens

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The UK authorities have received more than 6 million applications from EU citizens seeking residency status. They need these because the United Kingdom departs from the European Union to work, rent housing or make use of social facilities.


EU citizens had until June 30 to apply for a residence permit. However, the UK Home Office reports that a total of 6.02 million applications have been received before the deadline, of which about half a million have yet to be assessed.

In the meantime, people will receive a certificate to prove that they have reported to the government.

In addition, the government promises to be lenient with people who missed the deadline through no fault of their own. For example, according to the ministry, if they receive a benefit, it will not be stopped immediately.

The approaching deadline has caused great unrest among people who have yet to register. They complained in British media about the poor accessibility of a government helpline, which is said to have become overloaded by a large number of callers.

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