UK: Less Than 200 Trucks Still Stuck At French Border

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The number of trucks stuck at the Channel following the French borders’ temporary closure to British traffic has fallen below 200.


France and the United Kingdom recently reached an agreement to get traffic back on track after the blockade due to the new mutated variant of the coronavirus that emerged in the United Kingdom. That variant of the lung virus is much more contagious.

The congestion still persists despite the British authorities sending hundreds of people and thousands of corona tests to the border to ensure that truck drivers could cross back to France.

Roughly 180 trucks are still waiting on the road in front of the Eurotunnel. About fifteen are still at an airport north of Dover, where drivers can undergo a corona test before driving on to Dover.

Truck drivers must provide a negative test result before entering France. Authorities say some 15,000 tests have been conducted since Saturday, 36 of which turned out to be positive.

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