Uber Loses The Appeal And Must Treat British Drivers As Employees

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Uber Loses the Appeal and Must treat British Drivers as Employees. Taxi service Uber has lost a court case in the United Kingdom on appeal.


According to the London Court of Appeal, Uber must treat his drivers as employees.

The judge refused Uber’s appeal against a previous decision of a lower court.

An Uber spokesperson has already stated he will remain his legal battle with the British Supreme Court.

The case can have significant outcomes for the company.

Thousands of Uber drivers are expected to come up with claims if the Supreme Court reaches the same conclusion.

According to the judge, directors are entitled to a minimum wage, breaks and days off.

Uber sees itself as an independent platform that connects passengers and drivers.

According to the company, drivers can not, therefore, be regarded as employees of Uber.

A French judge ruled this year in favour of Uber and said that Uber is not a transport service, but an intermediary.

The French tribunal took into account that an Uber driver is free to determine when he drives and can also refuse rides.

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