Two US MPs Go on Their Own to Kabul

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Two US parliamentarians secretly went to Kabul airport on their own to get a picture of the evacuations there. Republican Peter Meijer and Democrat Seth Moulton said they have a duty as members of Congress to understand and provide insight into what the executive branch is doing.


They conclude that the armed forces will not be able to evacuate everyone promptly, even if the deadline is pushed back to the targeted initially September 11 deadline.

The two are fiercely criticized by the government, which, according to US media, accuses them of squandering vital resources in the midst of this difficult operation. The two “moronic egotists” have taken places from Americans and Afghans in danger in Kabul, and an angry official told The Washington Post about Meijer and Moulton’s outing. Moulton responded on social media, saying that the plane they were flying back on was not full, and they sat in cabin crew seats. He had previously called for an end to any paperwork or bureaucratic procedures for the evacuees and to fly everyone away immediately.

They had not informed anyone of their visit and arrived on Tuesday with a US military aircraft from Qatar and stayed for hours at Hamid Karzai International Airport. Meijer and Moulton are both military veterans and members of the House of Representatives Armed Forces Committee. IN KABUL, the US military command only learned that two Congressmen were en route in an aeroplane after the plane had already approached Kabul.

President Joe Biden is sticking to his plan to complete the operation by August 31. The new rulers, the Taliban, don’t want it to last any longer. Moreover, according to Biden, there is a danger that a terror group in the region of the Islamic State network, the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP), carries out bloody attacks. The mission must be over by September 1, including the withdrawal of thousands of US military personnel. It is assumed that the actual evacuations must therefore stop sooner.

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