Two More Suspects Arrested After Storming the Capitol

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Following the Capitol’s storming by supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump, two more suspects have been arrested.


The Washington district attorney announced on Sunday evening (local time) that a Texas man and a Tennessee suspect have been arrested by the FBI.

The men are said to have carried plastic handcuffs, usually used by officers, in the U.S. parliament building. They are charged with illegal and violent intrusion into a specially secured building and improper conduct on the Capitol grounds.

At least 20 suspects are due to appear in federal court for storming the Capitol on Wednesday. The storming of parliament killed five people, including a police officer.

The White House hung the American flag at half-mast on Sunday. Trump also ordered the same tribute to be carried at all embassies, consular offices, and U.S. facilities abroad, including military installations and naval vessels.

The president called the action “a sign of respect for the services and sacrifice” of the officer who died earlier and another Capitol policeman whose death was announced Sunday, as well as “all of the Capitol policemen and law enforcement officers in this great nation.”

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