Trump’s Wife Speaks to Republicans At Second-Day Convention

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On the second day of the Republican Convention, the president’s wife, Melania Trump, and Trump’s children, most notably 26-year-old Tiffany and 36-year-old Eric, will speak.


The party is mainly viral in Charlotte. There are, at most, 336 delegates actually attending the North Carolina convention.

According to the program, the second day is all about ‘Land of possibilities’.

Monday was the theme “Land of promise”, Wednesday is “Land of heroes” and on the final day, when Trump officially becomes the presidential candidate, “Land of Greatness”.

Senator Rand Paul is among the many announced speakers. He is one of the leaders of the conservative right-wing of the party, the Tea Party.

As every day it starts early, with us at 2.30 pm, but the main program is much later and ends at around 5 am Wednesday with us.

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