Trump’s Team has a Lawyer with A Lot of Impeachment Experience

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Kenneth Starr, who was a crucial figure in the previous impeachment procedure, is on the team that President Trump has to defend in the Senate against allegations of abuse of power.


The 73-year-old lawyer from Texas was from 1994 to 1998 the special prosecutor in the investigation against President Bill Clinton.

This was, among other things, the result of alleged cheating by the Clinton couple in Arkansas with a real estate project known as Whitewater. That later led to questions about the relationship between President Clinton and his assistant Monica Lewinsky.

The conclusions in the Starr report on the Lewinsky affair led to a trial to dismiss Clinton. But on February 12, 1999, the Senate acquitted him.

Trump is the third president against whom a dismissal procedure has been initiated. He also expects to be acquitted soon by the Senate.

In addition to Starr, the lawyer Alan Dershowitz is also on the team. The 81-year-old ‘veteran’ was involved in the acquittal of athlete and actor O.J. Simpson in 1995.

Dershowitz is considered a left-liberal lawyer, who would defend Trump because he believes that this impeachment procedure poses a danger to the constitution. The team is led by figures from the White House: Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow.

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