Trump Desires to Help Republicans in the Next Election

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Former President Donald Trump desires to help the Republican party get a majority in the US House of Representatives if new parliament members are elected next year.


Republican party leader Kevin McCarthy said this after a visit to Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

The meeting would have been “warm”. McCarthy had previously accused Trump in private of being partly responsible for the Capitol’s storming on January 6, but later said the then president did not incite his supporters to the attack. Trump must face trial in the Senate for his role in the riots.

According to US media, enough Republican senators are unlikely to support impeachment on Trump, but the issue is splitting the party.

The meeting with McCarthy indicates, according to observers, that Trump is refraining from establishing his own party. Advisers have said Trump would be toying with the idea of creating a ‘Patriot Party’, which could be very damaging to Republicans.

President Joe Biden’s Democrats are now in control of both parliament houses, but with very small majorities. Next November, the Americans will go to the polls for the House of Representatives. They can also vote on a third of the 100 senate seats.

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