Trump and Pence Had A Great Talk in the White House

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Outgoing US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had a “good talk” in the Oval Office on Monday, a senior official said.


Relations between the two have been tense lately as Pence failed to comply with Trump’s request to thwart the ratification of Joe Biden’s election victory in Parliament and as a mob of incited Trump supporters stormed the Capitol.

The conversation between Trump and Pence would be the first since last Wednesday. Trump is partly dependent on his vice president to survive the last week of his term as president.

The Democrats tabled a resolution on Monday calling on Pence in majority support to take over Trump’s powers under the 25th amendment to the US Constitution. This allows the vice president to take over the duties of the president when he is no longer able to perform the office’s responsibilities.

Judging by the official’s statement that Trump and Pence are talking to each other again, Pence will not comply with the Democrats’ request that they “are determined to continue their work for the country until the end of their term.” the source said.

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