The US to Consider Testing Obligation for Travellers From the United Kingdom

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The US government is considering introducing a testing requirement for travellers arriving from the UK.


They must then be able to prove that they are not infected with the coronavirus before they board the plane, insiders tell Reuters news agency.

Travellers should have been tested negative for the coronavirus in the days before departure, the sources said. For example, travellers must be banned who are infected with a new variant of the contagious virus. The White House has yet to approve that measure.

Airlines British Airways, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic have already pledged to only ship passengers to John F.

Kennedy Airport in New York that has been tested negative for the coronavirus. That is what the governor of that state, Andrew Cuomo, had asked for.

Many countries, including the Netherlands, completely ban aircraft from the United Kingdom. The US government has so far refrained from taking such a far-reaching measure.

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