The UK May Have 50,000 Corona Cases Per Day By Mid-October

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The UK will face an exponentially growing death rate from Covid-19 within weeks unless Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government acts quickly to stop the rapidly spreading second wave of corona infections.


The country’s principal medical advisers warned about this on Monday.

The UK already has the highest official Covid-19 death toll in Europe, while borrowing record amounts to pump emergency money into the damaged economy. The number of new corona cases is increasing by at least 6,000 per day.

Chris Whitty, the government’s top medical adviser, and Patrick Vallance, its chief scientific adviser, warned that the epidemic would reach 50,000 new cases a day by mid-October if it continues like this. A month later, this would lead to more than 200 deaths a day, Whitty added.

Speed and action are urgently needed, Vallance and Whitty said, adding that the COVID problem will haunt the UK for at least another six months.

The official death toll in the UK stands at 41,777 people.

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