The U.S. Has Launched An Investigation for the University of Texas and the Chinese Laboratory

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The United States Department of Education has launched an investigation into links between the University of Texas and the Chinese laboratory identified as a possible source of the coronavirus.


According to the Wall Street Journal newspaper, the department demands insight into the financial transactions with the lab in China.

Other U.S. officials are investigating whether the institute in Wuhan City is the origin of the coronavirus that has claimed lives around the world for months.

The ministry’s request is part of a broader investigation of potentially incorrect statements about foreign money by the University of Texas.

U.S. President Donald Trump says he has faced “compelling evidence” showing that the coronavirus comes from the laboratory in Wuhan. The president refuses to give details.

That would not be possible yet, because research into the lab is still ongoing.

A scientist known for her research with bats works in the virological lab. Wuhan is considered the cradle of the virus outbreak at the end of last year. One theory is that the virus has been transmitted from bat to human.

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