The Price of Bitcoin Reaches the Highest Level Since Early November

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The price of the bitcoin is rising sharply and escapes concerns on the financial markets about the spread of the new coronavirus. On Tuesday, the value of the crypto-coin rose to approximately the highest level since the beginning of November.


At the end of the morning, the bitcoin was traded for around $ 9,000, according to data from Coinmarketcap, which monitors various stock exchanges on which the cryptocurrency is traded.

According to Bloomberg news agency, which also keeps track of prices, the bitcoin was worth just over $ 9140 earlier in the day.

In the wake, other cryptos such as ether and litecoin also increased in value. Investors may now see crypto coins as a haven.

Analysts point out that the stock markets are currently very moving due to the fear of the coronavirus. The stock markets have been under the spell of the outbreak for days. In China, the number of deaths from the virus has already risen to more than 100.

In Europe, after France, the virus has also appeared in Germany. Russia has closed the border with China due to the outbreak.

It was already clear recently that the bitcoin had a good year start. The revival of the exchange rate is related to the arrival of new options that are linked to the digital currency.

Another factor is that the bitcoin fell sharply in the second half of last year. Then initially optimism about the expected arrival of Facebook’s new crypto mib libra turned into a broad scepticism following the reluctant attitude of regulators.

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