The Hospitality Industry in Most of France Open Again on June 2

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The hotels, restaurants and cafes will reopen in most of France on June 2, according to French media. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe reportedly announces this in the afternoon.


It is one of the relaxations in a series announced by the Prime Minister, which heralds a new phase in the phase-out of corona measures.

It is believed that the travel restriction for French people to go no more than 100 kilometres from home is also killed. No relaxation for foreign tourists is expected yet.

In the north and northeast, further relaxation is being looked forward to, as these regions have been identified as riskier by the government.

They are coloured red on a ‘corona card’ and want to get rid of it. The Paris region is also considered to be risky concerning the spread of the coronavirus.

The centre, west and south of the country are coloured green and lead the way in the reduction of corona rules. The catering industry will reopen here in the red zone only on July 1.

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