The Historical Passenger Plane Crashed in South Africa

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The Historical Passenger Plane Crashed in South Africa. Approximately twenty people were injured in a plane crash near Pretoria in South Africa on Tuesday.

‘The first reports show that around twenty people have sustained injuries’, emergency service ER24 reports. The injuries would range from mild to very severe. “Medics from ER24 and several other services are on site to treat the patients.”

What led to the crash is unclear. The pilot would be in a terrible condition.

The aircraft, a 1954 Convair 340 from Martin’s Air Charter (MAC), was due to arrive at the aviation museum Aviodrome in Lelystad in the Netherlands, the aviation theme park reports.

“We are shocked that the Convair 340, the aircraft that would soon come to Aviodrome, crashed during the takeoff of a test flight in South Africa,” reports on Facebook. ‘Our priority now lies in securing all those involved.’

The Convair 340 was donated to Aviodrome by the South African owner, Rovos Rail. After the necessary technical work, the historic aircraft would fly through Africa and Europe to its new home base Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport around 12 July.

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