The Family Governor of New York Got Priority in Corona Tests

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Relatives of the troubled governor of New York were given special access to corona tests early last year. These were not yet widely available at the time.


Other influential figures in the state also benefited from preferential treatment, according to insiders.

Media reports that brother Chris Cuomo, among others, could be tested urgently last year. At the time, the state lab could only process a few hundred tests per day for an area of 19 million residents, The Washington Post writes.

Chris, a well-known CNN journalist, was also infected with the virus at the end of March. The governor’s mother and sister were also reportedly able to undergo accelerated testing.

The revelation comes at a sensitive time for Governor Andrew Cuomo. The Democrat is already under fire because several women accuse him of sexual harassment.

These complaints are under investigation and allegations that during the corona crisis, mortality rates among nursing home residents in New York have been messed up.

Governor employees do not want to confirm that Cuomo’s family members were given priority testing. Because of the right to privacy of the data subjects, they should not say anything about this. Governor Cuomo had spoken out about his brother’s corona infection last year. According to him, it showed that everyone is equal to the virus.

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