The European Commission Proposes to London to Continue Fishing

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The European Commission is proposing to the British government to give European and British fishermen access to each other’s waters for another year if the EU and UK have not reached an agreement on the fishery by December 31.


A regulation to regulate this is already ready in Brussels said President Ursula von der Leyen after the EU summit in Brussels.

The committee has set up a legal framework that will allow European and UK fishing boats to be licensed until January 1, 2022, or until a fishing agreement would be concluded earlier.

In any case, European fishermen are out of the fire for another year. But then the United Kingdom must cooperate, the regulation is based on reciprocity.

Initiates in Brussels think that in case of a no-deal, London would be interested in such a temporary emergency measure. At the end of December, the fishing rights, permits and quota rules will expire because the British will then definitively leave the EU and no longer adhere to the standard fishing rules.

Von der Leyen told EU leaders on Friday morning that the chance of a no-deal is more significant than of an agreement. “Regardless, in less than three weeks there will be a new beginning for old friends,” she said at the closing press conference.

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