The British Parliament is Preparing for Brexit End Spurt

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British parliamentarians will return from recess on Tuesday. They then go back to work with the Brexit deal of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


His government wants the legislation required for the British departure from the European Union to be guided through the lower house in three days this week.

Johnson has little to fear from the opposition in the lower house. His Conservative Party has had a vast majority since the national elections in December. This means that it is almost certain that the United Kingdom can leave the EU with a deal on 31 January.

The Brexit legislation goes after treatment by the Lower House to the Upper House, the House of Lords. The British queen also has to give her approval. That counts as a formality.

After British ratification, the European Parliament still has to give its approval. The vote on this will take place on 29 or 30 January in Brussels. A simple majority applies. Finally, the 27 remaining Member States give a final formal blow to it through a written procedure.

After the Brexit on January 31, a transition period of 11 months starts. The United Kingdom still adheres to EU rules so that the future (trade) relationship can be negotiated.

As a result, Brexit is probably hardly noticeable in daily life during that period.

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