Thankful for the Women Who Have Testified Against Weinstein

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Although more than eighty women came forward with accusations against former film producer Harvey Weinstein, the charges on his trial ultimately only came from two women.


The women behind the # MeToo movement are relieved.

The charges against Weinstein started in 2017 with articles in The New York Times and The New Yorker. It came to trial, and after five days of deliberation, the former producer was found guilty of sexual assault and rape “in the third degree.”

“I am grateful to the brave women who have testified, but also to the jury who saw through the dirty tactics of the defence,” tweeted actress Rosanna Arquette.

In the past, she was also a victim of unwanted sexual advances by Weinstein. “We will change the laws so that rape victims can be heard.”

The “Silence Breakers”, the group of women accused Weinstein of sexual assault, writes in a press release that she is disappointed that Weinstein was not found guilty across the board.

“Harvey Weinstein will now be known forever as a convicted rapist,” the women write. “This was a flawed process from the beginning, but it has become even clearer what difficulties women have to face if they want to bring out the truth about their assailants.”

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