Tesla Opens First Gigafactory in Europe

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Tesla carmaker has officially opened its first factory in Europe. CEO Elon Musk went to the factory in Grünheide near Berlin to deliver the first thirty copies of Tesla’s Model Y built there to new owners.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Economy Minister Robert Habeck praised Tesla’s billion-dollar investment in a ‘gigafactory’ in Germany.

The Berlin-Brandenburg gigafactory is Tesla’s fifth-largest factory worldwide. It was announced in November 2019, and construction began in the spring of 2020. About two years later, the factory has obtained all necessary permits and started producing Tesla’s all-electric compact SUV. In addition, model Y. Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will build cars for all European markets where Tesla is active.

The factory is located on a site of 300 hectares, with a total factory area of 227,000 square meters. Once all units are up and running, approximately 12,000 workers will produce cars, battery cells, batteries, electric motors, plastic parts, seats, and axles.

According to Tesla, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 Tesla Model Y and up to 50 GWh of battery production, it is the largest electric car factory in Europe. Today, more than 3,000 employees are already working in the factory. Tesla plans to hire thousands more in the coming months.

Musk initially wanted to start production in the middle of last year. However, the battery factory is still under construction. Environmental activists criticized the project, among other things, because of water consumption.

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