‘Tesla Is Working On Its Batteries In A Secret Lab’

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‘Tesla is Working on its Batteries in a Secret Lab.’ Tesla wants to produce battery cells. In this way, the manufacturer of electric cars hopes to become less dependent on Panasonic.


According to the reports, the research into the production of its battery cells takes place in a provisional laboratory located a few minutes from Tesla’s car factory in Fremont, California.

The Tesla researchers their design lithium-ion battery cells and equipment,

 with which the car manufacturer can produce battery cells on a large scale in the future.

Now Tesla is still mostly dependent on Panasonic for its batteries.

The Japanese manufacturer, however, has great difficulty meeting the demand for Tesla batteries.

In April, Tesla stated that battery shortage is the main bottleneck for new vehicle production

 – a complaint that Tesla CEO Elon Musk reiterated earlier this month at his company’s shareholder meeting.

In recent months, Tesla has posted several vacancies for technicians who specialise in batteries.

The production of its battery cells fits in with Musk’s aim to control the production of electric cars as much as possible.

Also, for financial reasons, it can be very interesting for Tesla to take charge of production itself: batteries are the most valuable part of an electric car.

However, the chance that Tesla will produce its battery cells on a large scale in the short term is small.

In the Gigafactory that the company will open in Shanghai later this year,

 Tesla is likely to purchase its battery cells from Panasonic and LG.

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