Taylor Swift Shows Moves In New Cats Trailer

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Taylor Swift Shows moves in new Cats Trailer. The magic of the famous musical Cats comes to the silver screen.


In a new behind the scenes trailer, stars such as Taylor Swift (29) tell about their feline movements and how they got the hang of it.

In the film, besides singer Taylor Swift, many more famous heads play a role.

Idris Elba (47), James Corden (41), Jennifer Hudson (37) and Jason Derulo (29), for example, also show their feline best side.

“If you had told me earlier that I would play a cat, I would not have believed you,” said Taylor.

Jason Derülo believes in the power of the movie Cats.

“It’s about finding a balance between new moves and a new genre.

All actors and dancers who participate have different styles.

If you place them together, you get something magical.”

Comedian and presenter James Corden is very enthusiastic.

“Put stars together and let them play a cat.

If you say that out loud, it sounds completely crazy.

But it is why it is so much fun,” says Corden.

Cats will appear on the silver screen in December this year.

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