Spain: There is No Obligation to Mask When Sunbathing on Beaches

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People on beaches in Spain don’t have to wear a face mask while sunbathing.


The authorities have announced that the masking obligation on the beach does not apply as long as people stay in the same place and keep 1.5 meters away from other households.

The duty to mask the mouth was extended to all public areas on Wednesday, both indoors and outdoors. This led to a lot of criticism because people disagreed that they should wear a face mask while sunbathing on the beach. The tourism sector also reacted with displeasure.

After consultation with all seventeen regions, the government has adjusted the masking requirement. Also, the existing rules have also been clarified. Mouth masks are not mandatory while swimming and while eating and drinking, authorities emphasize. Beachgoers should still wear a face mask while walking.

Spain introduced a mandatory mask in May 2020 because of the corona pandemic. Initially only on public transport, later also on the street. Until last week, mouth masks were only mandatory when it was impossible to keep your distance.

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