South Korea Tackles propaganda Against the Kim Jong-un Regime

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South Korea will tackle North Korean defectors who send propaganda messages across the border.


These are often pamphlets criticizing dictator Kim Jong-un that is attached to balloons or launched into bottles.

Kim’s younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, recently called the defectors “scum” and “dirty street dogs” who betrayed their homeland.

North Korea is furious because of propaganda practices and announced, among other things, that it will close all lines of communication with its southern neighbour.

The South Korean government is now taking action and announced on Wednesday that it is reporting against two groups of defectors.

These would increase tension between neighbouring countries and thus also endanger the inhabitants of border areas, Yonhap news agency quotes from a press release from the Ministry of Reunification.

North and South Korea are actually still at war with each other. This is because the Korean War of the last century ended with a truce and not a peace agreement.

Kim’s regime has fueled much international turmoil in recent years by conducting nuclear tests and rocket testing.

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