Shakira Acquitted Of Plagiarism By A Spanish Court

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Shakira Acquitted of Plagiarism by a Spanish Court. Shakira was acquitted after a complaint of plagiarism.


The singer had to appear in a court in Madrid because a fellow musician accused her of copying his song.

The Colombian singer already stated in court at the end of March,

that there was no question of plagiarism when composing her song La Bicicleta,

a duet with fellow countryman Carlos Vives.

Cuban musician Livám sued the two because he considers that several chords,

and pieces of the lyrics also occur in his 1997 Yo Te Quiero Tanto song,

which he once sent to Vives for a collaboration.

Shakira said in court at the time that the styles of the two songs are entirely different.

Livám can appeal against the court’s decision.

Shakira himself is supposed to be back in court on 12 June.

She then has to account for herself in a tax fraud case.

The singer is suspected of having evaded 12.6 million pounds in tax.

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