Russian Authorities Arrest Navalny Allies

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Russian authorities have arrested several allies of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. These include the well-known activist Lyubov Sobol, the regular doctor of Navalny and the politician, Oleg.


In addition, an investigation has also been launched into opposition member Leonid Volkov, because he allegedly encouraged minors to participate in illegal street protests.

Navalny himself appears in court later on Thursday. He has appealed against his detention. Authorities arrested him at an airport in Moscow this month. He had spent months in Germany after being poisoned in his home country.

There, the authorities now accuse him of not complying with the conditions of a suspended prison sentence during that period.

Navalny’s arrest is causing unrest in Russia. Tens of thousands of supporters took to the streets last weekend to demand the prominent Kremlin critic’s release. The police then arrested an estimated 4,000 people. Still, the opposition has called for new protests.

These must be held next Sunday, including at the headquarters of the FSB security service.

Police raided the homes of Navalny supporters on Wednesday evening. The authorities would argue that corona rules have been violated during the recent mass protests.

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