Russia Expels British Journalist in Retaliation

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In Russia, authorities have announced that they will not extend the visa of a British journalist from the BBC. The journalist, Sarah Rainsford, will therefore have to leave Russia at the end of this month.


Moscow itself says it is retaliation because the British are refusing visas for Russian reporters.

British journalist Sarah Rainsford, who reports from Russia for the British public broadcaster BBC, is due to leave the country at the end of this month. However, the Russian authorities refuse to extend her visa. Russia is taking this measure in retaliation because the United Kingdom has already refused several visas to Russian reporters.

Russia has expelled journalists several times in the past. In 2011, a British journalist from the Guardian newspaper was also expelled from the country, in 2014, a journalist from the United States was no longer welcome; and in 2015 a correspondent from a Polish newspaper was expelled.

Sarah Rainsford, the journalist, now forced to leave Russia, recently reported on Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader who is still being detained by the authorities. She was previously a correspondent for the BBC from Turkey, Spain and Cuba.

The BBC in Moscow and the journalist herself have not yet responded.

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