Russia Claims Destruction of Western Weapons in Ukraine

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Russia claims to have destroyed a “large amount” of weapons in a missile strike in southeastern Ukraine. According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the weapons were supplied by the West.


The ministry reports that Kalibr cruise missiles were fired from the sea at the site of an aluminium plant in Zaporizhzhya. “They destroyed hangars with many weapons and ammunition supplied to Ukrainian troops by the United States and European countries.”

The information from Moscow has not been independently verified. Also, independent parties have not confirmed that Russian troops destroyed a total of 59 military targets during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, which Moscow also claims.

It is not clear what weapons would have been destroyed. Western countries have sent Ukraine weapons several times for the fight against Russia. However, president Volodimir Zelensky continues to call on countries to provide his country with heavier weapons.

More and more countries are responding to this. Russia has warned the US that the many Western arms transfers will lead to an escalation in Ukraine.

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