Roblox Acquires Discord Competitor Guilded

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Roblox Corporation – the company that publishes the online game Roblox – acquires Guilded: a chat platform aimed at gamers and a direct competitor to the more famous Discord.


Discord looking to break out of the gaming corset, competitor Guilded now being acquired by Roblox and Facebook, which recently took over Roblox competitor Crayta: all examples of a new platform battle that has erupted. Inset: the metaverse.

That metaverse is associated by many with what Roblox has already built. With Guilded, the company can bind its users more strongly. In other words, it is about creating and expanding (gaming) communities. Eli Brown, founder and CEO of Guilded, remains on board. Guilded will also continue to exist as an independent product group. How much Roblox Corporation pays is not disclosed by either party.

Since its launch in 2017, the Guilded team has built a powerful platform to connect gaming communities. Think of advanced voice and video chat, but also integrated calendars and planning tools. In March, the company launched another bot API so that users with little or no programming experience.

Roblox is committed to a ‘co-experience platform’ that claims to be used by tens of millions of people every day. The company went public on the New York Stock Exchange at the beginning of this year.

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