Rich Countries Have Already Reserved Half of Corona Vaccines

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Rich countries, where a total of 13 percent of the world’s population lives, have already bought up half of the corona vaccines before they are made, according to Oxfam.


The human rights organization warns that at least two-thirds of the world’s population will not have access to a vaccine until 2022.

Because rich countries buy up 51 percent of the vaccines, many poorer countries are missing out, says Oxfam. “Even in the hugely unlikely event that all five promising vaccines are successful, much of the world will still be without vaccines until 2022.”

Oxfam warns that the vaccine will not be adequately distributed on the day that the finance ministers of the G20 countries meet to discuss the coronavirus.

The human rights organization is calling on countries and large pharmaceutical companies to make the vaccine freely available to everyone.

The prices that are now mentioned for a vaccination, from 10 euros to about 33 euros, would, according to Oxfam, ensure that poor people cannot be vaccinated.

“A free vaccine is only possible if the major pharmaceutical companies allow vaccines to be produced on a large scale worldwide and if they share their knowledge,” Oxfam said in a statement.

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