Restaurants and Fitness Studios are Reopening in Parts of Germany

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After months of forced closure by the coronavirus, fitness studios and restaurants will open again in parts of Germany on Monday.


In NRW, for example, you can go to the gym again, and the sports halls are also accessible again. Eating out is also possible.

However, the catering industry must meet strict conditions. For example, there must be sufficient distance between guests.

Restaurants, snack bars, canteens and cafes are also opening their doors again in Lower Saxony. And soon tourists will be welcome again in both regions.

The federal states of Brandenburg and Baden-Württemberg, among others, relax the strict ban on contact.

Outside you can now also be together with people from another household. And in Bavaria you can go to a zoo, museum or library again, reports German media.

In Germany, the federal states are partly responsible for corona measures. Some regions also find the German government in Berlin too reluctant to reduce the corona restrictions.

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