Research Firm: This Year Significantly More Loss of Turnover for Automakers

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The shortage of chips costs automakers worldwide significantly more turnover this year than previously thought.


Now that manufacturers have run out of stock of semiconductors, according to experts, vehicle sales will suffer even more shortly, American research and consultancy firm AlixPartners expect.

The agency says that sales will suffer more from the chip shortage in the coming period. “The barrel is empty. There is nonentity more that can be done,” said director Dan Hearsch. Researchers at AlixPartners believe that the chip problems for the automotive sector will continue for some time to come.

Due to the production problems, the delivery times for cars are increasing, especially for the cheaper models. Therefore, car manufacturers mainly choose to make the more luxurious versions because they earn more from it.

According to the most recent estimate, the loss of turnover for the makers this year amounts to 210 billion dollars, converted almost 180 billion euros. In May, the forecast was still $110 billion.

Furthermore, according to the researchers, it seems that 7.7 million fewer cars can be produced worldwide. Four months ago, that estimate stood at just under 4 million.

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