Renault will Make Half A Million Fewer Cars in 2021 Due to Chip Shortage

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Renault expects to make half a million fewer cars this year than it would like due to parts shortages. The scarcity of chips has plagued the entire car industry for months, and the French car group feels that too.


According to its own estimates, in the third quarter, Renault produced about 170,000 fewer cars than would be the case without shortages. Partly because of this, the group sold more than a fifth fewer cars than in the same period last year. The number of cars sold from brands such as Renault, Dacia and Lada remained at just over 599,000

By mainly selling more expensive models, Renault managed to limit the loss in turnover. Nevertheless, total revenues fell by 13 percent to 9 billion euros.

The company did not disclose exact earnings figures in its quarterly report. However, Renault has also cut costs; further, financial chief Clotilde Delbos said.

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