Rabobank And ABN AMRO Hit By A DDoS Attack

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Rabobank and ABN AMRO Again hit By a DDoS Attack on Sunday. Rabobank again hit by a so-called DDoS attack on Sunday evening, reports Vital News.


According to the bank, there were problems with both online banking and mobile banking.

The Rabobank services were accessible again around 2.00 am.

ABN AMRO also had to deal with a DDoS attack for a short time on Sunday evening, as a result of which internet banking and mobile banking did not work. Also the website and iDeal were temporarily unavailable or slow. ABN AMRO has solved the problems.

Both banks face this Cyber Attack second time in a short period. On Thursday, a DDoS attack also partially flattened the payment activities of Rabobank and ABN AMRO.

In a DDoS attack, servers are attacked with vast amounts of data traffic, causing them to collapse.

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