Quad Countries Worry About Situation in Ukraine

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The leaders of the so-called Quad, the US, India, Japan and Australia, expressed concern about the situation in Ukraine during the Tokyo summit, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Tuesday.


“The four leaders had a frank discussion about the impact of the situation in Ukraine on the Indo-Pacific region, and we, including India, have expressed our concern about the tragic war in Ukraine and reaffirmed that principles such as the rule of law, sovereignty and territorial integrity in every region must be respected,” said Kishida.

The Japanese head of government made the remarks after the meeting of Quad leaders, who also included Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, US President Joe Biden and newly elected Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

It is remarkable that India is also expressing its concerns. The United States has previously expressed frustration at that country’s lack of support for sanctions against Russia and its condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine. While India has strengthened ties with the US in recent years and is an essential part of the Quad, the country also has a long-standing relationship with Moscow. Russia is a major supplier of weapons and oil to India.

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