Putin has National Guard Commander Arrested

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Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly had General Roman Gavrilov, the deputy commander of the National Guard, arrested. Although the arrest has not yet been officially confirmed, it has already been reported on television.


At least 7,000 Russian soldiers — including three generals — have been killed in Ukraine, according to US intelligence agencies, and another 21,000 have been wounded. So the war is not going as President Putin had envisioned, so he would now be looking for scapegoats.

One of them turns out to be General Roman Gavrilov. Gavrilov is the deputy commander of Rosgvardiya or the National Guard. This separate part of the Russian army is intended for domestic use but is also deployed in Ukraine, where it has already suffered heavy losses. Nevertheless, Gavrilov is known as one of the best generals in Moscow.

He was allegedly arrested on Thursday by the military counterintelligence service of the FSB, the Russian security service. However, the reason for his arrest is still unclear: according to one source, Gavrilov “leaked military information leading to fatalities”, according to another source because the general had wasted fuel.

The Russian government has not officially confirmed the arrest, but a TV station already carried the news.

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